Todays Rate : Gold-24Kt - 3130/- Gm . 22Kt - 2980/- Gm. Platinum- .Silver-.


According to Indian traditions, glass bangles are a form of safety and luck for a married woman’s husband.

The most important, The most special, The most valuable day in a Woman’s life
Her Wedding Day
Dressing up and looking the best on the D-day
takes top priority for any bride, and
jewellery forms a vital part of it.


A wedding ring is a priceless ornament for
both men and women. It is believed that
the wedding ring is worn on the finger that
connects the vein to the heart.

Legends say that evil spirits could enter the
body through openings. So, apart from
their acupuncture benefits, earrings, for
a new bride, were believed to work like a
protector against evil.
HAAR are neckpieces worn by the
bride on her wedding day.

The waistband is a traditional belt that adds grace to a bride. Its designed in a manner that allows you to hold a bunch of keys, thus signifying the assumption of authority at the bride’s new home. They are an absolute necessity at the South Indian, Maharashtrian, Rajasthani and Gujrati wedding.

The tika is a beautiful hair
accessory worn at the centre
parting of the hair, with the
pendant falling on the centre
of the forehead.
Wearing a Nath or nose ring is an age-old custom. Nose piercings have acupuncture benefits.